Integrating Project Server 2010 with SharePoint 2010

There is always a feeling of excitement, anticipation and trepidation when it comes to integrating technologies. In this article I am attempting to write comprehensively on integrating Microsoft Project Server 2010 and the almighty SharePoint 2010. Come to think of this partnership, it is inevitable, since as at the heart of SharePoint is collaboration and people working together.

This article delves into configuration of Project Server 2010 and what to expect.

1. Preliminary Install

Install Microsoft Project Server 2010 SP1 on the same server where SharePoint 2010 is running. I will not cover the steps to run the DVD installer and walking through the install process.

2. Let’s get Configuring

I assume now MS Project Server 2010 SP1 is now installed and set up. Inform you users there might be slow performance of SharePoint (approx. 1-4 min)

 3. Preliminary Check

Central Administration ~ Manage Service Applications

* ensure you already don’t have Project Server Related running

 4. Launch Configuration Wizard

Central Administration ~ Configuration Wizard

If Configuration Wizard is missing; either the account context in which you are attempting to configure Project Server does not have enough permission to launch Central Administration Configuration Wizard / ideally your account should be Farm Administrator or equal.

* If you have the right level of permission try closing the Central Administration on Server and open Central Administration as Administrator (Right click > Run as Administrator)

 5. Run Wizard

Start the Configuration Wizard ~ Yes walk me through the configuration of my farm using this wizard

Ensure you check/select Project Server Service Application ~ Hit Next ~ ‘Processing’

* This might cause your SharePoint to slow down during the installation

Once it has finished It will take you to ‘Configure your sharepoint farm’ section. Unless you want to create a new site etc. SKIP on this section. You should now get the message : This completes the Farm Configuration Wizard

Site Title: N/A
Site URL: N/A

Make sure in list of service appliations you have :
Project Server PSI Service Application


 6. Check Setup

Central Administration ~ Application Management ~ Manage Service Applications

You should now see > Project Server Service Application – Project Server PSI Service Application should now be in Started mode.

 7. Let’s Get Provisioning

Click on the above ~ Create Project Web App Site

  1. Should auto-populate, change anything that is required to be changed
  2. You can remove PWA and give it a more meaningful name
  3. Once you have checked and submitted request
  4. Status 1: Waiting for resources
  5. Status 2: Creating project web app site
  6. Status 3: Provisioning databases (normally takes time)
  7. Status 4: Configuring the new project web app site
  8. Status 5: Provisioned

 That’s it browse to your new PWA site. I hope this has been helpful

 How to manage User Settings/Permissions on PWA

To be honest this could be written as a dedicated blog post but thanks to authors of some key resources below.