ExtJs is the new Marmite

I have now begun learning, experimenting and understanding the Sencha Ext Js JavaScript web development framework.

Understanding the bare bones of technology is paramount before creating real world applications. Ext Js is amazingly powerful but it remains amazingly complex too. While I am taking a step ladder approach to figuring out its Intricacies, I nearly pulled my hair out in despair and frustration while working with some simple examples. Thus it occurred to me.

Ext Js is the new Marmite

Some completely love it while others absolutely hate & loathe it.

I will be branching out to either (a) create a new blog focusing on Ext Js built with .Net Stack OR (b) create a new category here on asphive


software developer, What Not To Do

As I was working through developing a software, I got completely entangled in straightening out the initial requirements. Later, I got these wrong entirely. Reason? well, I jumped straight into developing UI (User Interface) instead of understanding the user and the way they work and behave as a business process.

Moral of The Story:

Never develop a software without understanding how intended end users work in the real-world with or without existing system(s) in place; and emphasize on translating both electronic and manual business process(es) into requirements.

Something, I shall learn to do from now on; is spend more hours on system requirements.

News of 2013

These days Willingness to Work and Enthusiasm doesn’t get you anywhere. I applied for a Software Developer position at Softwire and got rejected three times solely based on and I quote “non-top” university; as the HR at Softwire told me that they like to only put through people for interviews with exceptional academic background and top marks. Whatever happened to common sense?? In my second attempt, I explained to them my achievements despite being from “non-top” university and demonstrated my enthusiasm to work for them but all I got was a NO. Third attempt, re-tailored my covering letter, tried to explain more but NO.

I have been job hunting since last 5 months. After generating interest from several employers and recruitment agents, 1 interview rejection, and 15 rejections, 7 no responses; I have finally taken the next big move in my career ladder.

Sometimes you have to take a fall, to realize just what you can achieve.