Since 2009, I have been actively involved on MSDN forums to participate, contribute and learn ideas and share views on particular issues related with Microsoft Technologies. I have been working as a Web Applications and Systems Developer for over 4 years now. During this time, I have primarily worked with WISA (Windows, IIS, SQL, ASP) stack and also technologies like Microsoft SharePoint, SQL, Console Applications, Asp.Net Charting, Windows Forms Applications, XAML Applications and little bits of other things too.

asphive existed initially as a Website project I created on Visual Studio for my personal use but soon it was becoming tedious and pointless specially when I needed a particular piece of code or a quick reference to a code snippet.

I am currently working towards putting up a professional LinkedIn profile, however my MSDN Profile can be found at the link below.

Would you like to share your thoughts on what you think about the posts and content on asphive? I welcome you to write in your comments below.

<asphive:SayHello ID=”SayHello” runat=”server”>Hello Reader</asphive>


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