stsadm forcedeletelist in SharePoint 2007

If sometimes Content and Structure part of your Site Collection is not working. You might also observe the following symptoms.

1.         Content & Structure is not working on entire site collection.
2.         Under View All Site Content you see ‘Error’.
3.         Delete Site option is not working.
4.         Sites and Workspaces settings is not working


There is certain list on SharePoint that is looking for a feature id that have been uninstalled by mistake or retracted via Visual Studio deployment. In my case, I uninstalled a Custom ListType with its Event Receiver without before deleting the list itself. This will result in List existing in SharePoint but missing the prerequisite feature it needs for its basic operations, thus resulting in the symptoms above.

Also, an example when you click on lists from ‘View all Site Content’ you will get error message ‘Missing Features’ highlighting feature id that SharePoint is looking for.

‘aaa7300f-6f68-4aae-9346-76806dd9a59a’ ; ‘d0c4e3fc-9ea9-43a0-819d-f9c1ef87abfc’


Force Delete these lists from SharePoint either programmatically via code or stsadm operation.

I always keep a test webpart to run any code I wish to on a button click;


targetWeb.AllowUnsafeUpdates = True
Dim badList as SPList = targetWeb.Lists("badlistname")
targetWeb.AllowUnsafeUpdates = False


stsadm -o forcedeletelist -url http://url/Lists/badlistname or badlist%20name

Hopefully now you should see your Content and Structure restored back to normal.


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